65 04.01.14
76 02.03.14

Athens, 11st June 2013

My Dearest Marlene,

No one rules

if no one obeys

 Forever Yours,


314 10.26.13

Anita Berber: Dancer and actress of silent movies.

She was so special, as her scandalous appearances in Berlin theatres of the 20’s were the cause of erotic excitement but also disgust within the conservative circles of german society.

I have proudly enjoyed watching her order three glasses of shampagne, drinking down the golden drink and letting her fur fall carelessly to her side raising havoc as she was completely naked underneath.

The scandalous DIVA blows away all compromises with her naked dances.

She wore men’s suits, she was falling in love with men and women, and was using cocaine and morphine in public.

She takes full responsibility for the attack against Greek Gold company at Skouries.

Who else would be at the frontline of one of the most beautiful activist actions that Greek society has seen in recent years.

The time has come for a photograph to reveal the truth and prove the innocense of the ones arrested at Ierissos Halkidiki and prove how groundless all the accusations are.

The hit on Skouries was organized by Marlen, was practically prepared by Loreen and was orchestrated as a whole by the revolutionary DIVAS.

Anita was the last to say go and a few minutes later she was transformed and followed her comrades.

Despite the difficult light conditions I managed to capture the moment.

Whatever the case, even a bottle of shampagne in her hands seemed as effective as a sledgehammer.

By Allah I swear, it all happened as you see it here.

Now that you know the truth Mr Dendia, release the people of Ierissos and be aware:

The DIVAS are on their way.


68 07.01.13
Athens, 4th April 2013
My dear Elli,
Yes! You are right. Mr. Christoula’s suicide was political murder.
Eternally yours,

(Dimitris Christoulas, 77 years old, was a pharmacist. He committed suicide on April 4th 2012 in Syntagma square with a pistol. On the note found on his body, which his daughter made public, he states that he was forced to commit this act in order to awaken public opinion.)

118 04.03.13

Elia Kazan. Art is not A Crime…

199 12.03.12


62 11.26.12

I couldn’t sleep.
When I finally slept, the black cat took action.
He scratched my ear and salivaed my eardrum.
Wakeup asshole, the Third World War has begun and you must prepare for history’s greatest unexpectability.
That’s why you were born in this age, to get the job done.
Instead of his morning meal, he devoured his collar and ordered me to follow him.
I was afraid no more, since I had my cat ahead of me and a breath away behind me my DIVAS…

423 09.17.12

 Athens, 6st May 2012

My Dearest Elisabeth,

So sometimes people change:

to manage to stay the same.

 Forever Yours,


159 05.19.12


a diary out of time about what is happening in Greece..


Kirineos Papadimatos


39 02.24.12
108 02.20.12

Divas, a diary out of time about what is happening in Greece.

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to reveal my secret to you. On May 2011 I met GLORIA crying desperately on Irodou Attikou as she could no longer walk down her beloved street. I hugged her and I gave her as a gift the best mask from my collection. She returned the favor with a kiss and she whispered in my ear that she wasn’t alone. Then I was most fortunate to meet her friends and capture them in their most beautiful moments. The DIVAS movement was born. So, I present to you the ladies that secretly supported the fight of the Greek people from May until December 2011. I can also pass on to you that their action did not stop there. I intend to reveal the rest of the DIVAS in the future in moments that confirm their greatness.

With honor


22 02.18.12


My films on vimeo: vimeo:  http://vimeo.com/renos

9 02.18.12

Athens May 2011,

My dearest Gloria,

I am very sorry for everything. I do promise though that, when the central roads of Athens will be given back to the public and I will be able to return home free, I do promise to reveal your eternal beauty to the whole wide world.


Forever Yours,


441 02.16.12

Athens June 15, 2011.

My dearest Louisse,

Pandora’s Box is now open; Eve has bitten the apple.

While in Hell, we managed to find back our courage.

Forever yours,


155 02.16.12